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Gender Equality Affects Us All         


Disha Mazumdar talks about gender equality in India.



Equality a small word but has a great importance. Equality is something when every individual is at same level and nobody is above other. Gender Equality has been a major concern for many countries but very few have achieved it or taken any steps towards it. Ensuring equality in the field of education, workplace or even at societal grounds is something of great importance. This article points out about the importance of gender equality and what steps should be taken to achieve it.



It is important to provide elementary education to every citizen of the country. Education is not gender specific, a boy has a right to pursue higher education but a girl should indulge more in household activities rather than going to schools and colleges is what people believe. Even in this era when urbanization has made huge changes in the lives of people their approach of thinking is still lagging behind. There are many girls across the globe, who have never seen schools, forget about getting education. Family members don’t support them even if they want to study and the government even though had made certain policies but, implementation of these policies are still on hold. Many girls at this tender age indulge into forced labour to earn the bread for their family. Without education they are being exploited everywhere. Not having proper knowledge about their rights make them more vulnerable.


Equality at workplace is even more difficult were seeking a job and getting the opportunity to work is strongly biased. Even nowadays, many companies don’t recruit female employees cause they think that it would hamper their company’s growth and make slow profits as they are not competent enough like the male counterparts working with them. Even if a women gets employment, there would be a very little or negligible increase in the corporate ladder. Equal pay at workplace is one of the major issues. Women are as hardworking, skillful and efficient just like the other male employees. The working hour, the numbers to holidays granted and the amount of effort everything is same then why not the salary. Very few companies have women CEO or women Chairman. The women employees should be involved in the decision making process too as they are also a part of the company.


Killing of women fetus in the womb is another major issue. People go for abortion when they get to know the gender of their baby. Giving birth to a female child is against the norms of the society and a boy is a matter of respect and great dignity. It is high time the society should change it mentality towards women

Women are harassed, exploited and abused. Whether it is domestic violence or any rape cases the women are not safe. Sometimes even after reporting the problem no actions are taken by the authorities. Rape victims who have been sexually assaulted are discriminated and often blamed for being the sole reason for rape. Humiliated, ignored and without any support they find it difficult to cope.

Women are not even given equal rights in matter of ownership or inheritance of property. Various acts govern the rights of women but still a lot of inequality exists.



Proper education should be provided to every individual whether a boy or a girl. Awareness should be spread among the people and make them understand the importance of education for a woman. Without education they can be easily fooled and deceived. The society needs to change and the government should take initiative to provide them with education.

All forms of violence against the women should be stopped and they should be made aware about their rights. Speedy remedy should be given in order to provide them with justice. Domestic abuse and other forced sexual activities should be curtailed.

Child marriage should be stopped and strict actions should be taken against the families who try to indulge in this activity.

Equal treatment in workplace and equal pay should be encouraged by the higher authorities who take policy decisions. Involvement of women employee in every little activity in the workplace would increase their confidence.

Education and workplace are not only the areas for equality even activities like sports and politics also need active participation of women.

This is only the beginning. As President Barack Obama said, “When women succeed, nations are more safe, more secure, and more prosperous.”