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Youth Forum, a project under Alexis Society was envisaged during the 1st International Youth Forum organised from 24th to 28th June, 2012 in New Delhi. The project aims to create a community of vibrant individuals and provide them a platform to explore and develop their leadership potential, skills, and engage with a variety of cultural, social, economic, legal, and political issues.

Our team consists of young students and professionals who are interested in creating positive social impact by conducting research on policy issues, writing thought-provoking and insightful blogs, designing creative social campaigns, organizing life-changing events, and interviewing leaders and change-makers.

The youth are not only leaders of tomorrow, but also partners of today. We at Youth Forum are an inspired young team of individuals with a shared mission; a mission to change the world. With India witnessing a radical change in the mindset of people towards governance and policies, and increasing despondency among people due to continuous compromise of citizens’ welfare, there is a rising need to address the grass root challenges of development and focus on making the country self-reliant through both – individual and cooperative efforts.

Youth Forum will also connect the world on a common platform and promote a sense of global-oneness. Through this initiative we wish to provide a positive stimulus to individuals who want to make a difference in their respective work areas. We aim to connect various Student Groups, NGO’s, Social Organizations and Youth Communities to work together for a better future.

 “Arise, awake and stop not till the goal is achieved.”- Swami Vivekananda.

New Delhi

The New Delhi operations were started in June 2015, the team embarked on its first project in the Sangam Vihar area of South Delhi, which is the largest unauthorized colony in Asia. Our aim is to highlight the issues of spatial injustice in urban areas. Our team of 20 volunteers have undertaken regular field trips and are conducting extensive research on the living conditions of the people residing there. We plan to follow up by preparing a report on the same with a broader aim to bring about a change in government policy.


The operations were also extended to Chandigarh in September 2015. As part of the first project, a team of about 15 volunteers are working in the Bhaskar Colony area of Sector 25. The local community in the area continues to face a diverse range of issues including drug abuse and sex trafficking, apart from non-authorization of colonies.