Affordable Healthcare

Medha Varshney talks about Affordable Healthcare in India.


In World Health Organization’s report, 2000 India ranked 112 out of 190countries. In India people suffering from various health problems and such problems never end but with the increase in pollution it also increases, the ozone layer deplete cause much health issues. This problem not faced by India only but by every NCR communities. In India people are of various category some are of richer section some of poor. No one has same purchasing power or earning. Health is something which means a lot to an individual life. Like maternity benefit, birth rate, death rates, infant mortality rate areworse in India. All depends upon how people health cared by the govt. of the country. But the problem which people face is not able to cure their health issues because of large demanding of money i.e. by way of corruption, large scale initiatives, lack of efficient implementation.

Yes! Govt. make policies and laws for health i.e. health law but mainly we are focusing on urban areasi.e. towns & citiesonly. We have increasing the private sector growth and forget the public sector. Still we are unable to satisfy the people demand. This is how we developed in health sector that we are unable to meet the health facilities of an individual.

Due to lack of trust on doctors and hospitals, the patients are not clear that whether their invested money is being spent on the appropriate things in legal way or just to make money. The affordability is not same. Doctors are professional in their given field not in all field so when any new case arise beyond power of one doctor they suggest to other doctors and people thought that they were making money for themselves. Govt. in order to provide best opportunities to the needy make policies like health insurance or loans facility by these ways people got help.

Indian healthcare was not appropriate because of various reasons-

  • Unequally distributed skilled human resources
  • Unregulated private sector
  • Less spending on public health
  • Fragmented health information systems
  • Irrational use and spiraling cost of drugs
  • Weak governance and accountability.
  • Economic development, Education and Health
  • Human Development Indicators
  • High Burden of Disease


Components of healthy life style

  • Abstinence from tobacco use
  • Regular exercise
  • Balanced nutritious diet rich in vegetables& fruits, and low in fats and refined sugar
  • Ignore pre and extramarital sex
  • Proper Yoga and meditation
  • Avoidance of alcohol and substance abuse

In order to grow, it is required that in every state, political party work for health care of the people and make various reforms for their benefit so it brings benefit to the people in large. If all parties make efforts then things should improve quite quickly as before. Now it’s up-to the experts, policy maker, & medical leaders to incorporate these responsibilities.

Union Health Minister JP Nadda State governments work for availability of medicines for poor people at cheaper rates. A list of essential medicine are made and govt. is working over that medicine to provide it at cheap rate to poor. Govt. also provides dispensary opportunities where the person who can’t afford much can get medicine either free of cost or at cheap rates, minister said the care has been taken to ensure that the blueprint focuses on the health of rural India.


The disease must cured now before it cause high health problem like cancer or infection and other non-communicable disease.

Govt.also make affordable care act, which itself a legislation which attempts to reform the healthcare system.It provideswith affordable quality health insurance & also attempt to curb the growth in health care. It includes new benefits, rights, protection etc.

What law brings. It removes the discrimination. In past, health was determined by way of gender and health but the scenario change. It create a new competitive health insurance marketplace which provide access to group buying power, compare plan & receive cost assistance. Puts budget and economy on a more stable path.

The act divide in no. of small pieces and then explain as the power of consumer in this act is-

  • New website to know different insurance coverage options.
  • New independent appeals for new plans, Consumer & patient can appeal.


These measures should take place for a better health of individual and to get proper healthcare.

  • Present infrastructure for health care needs to be strong.
  • Health perceived as an investment and receive huge budgetary allocation.
  • Priority in education, safe/clean water and sanitation.
  • Coverage of vaccination should be improved.
  • Better implementation of national health programs.
  • Use of the adequate resources by promoting most cost-effective strategies for disease prevention.
  • Inclusion of all level of shareholders in planning & policy making by using tremendous human resource given in the country.