Public Policy

Make In India

Shreya Sharma talks about the Make in India scheme launched by Modi Government. INTRODUCTION Make in India is an initiative taken by the Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi, it is a project that promotes manufacturing of goods in the country. On 24th September 2014 this project was initiated by the Prime Minister. This project was… Continue reading Make In India


Affordable Healthcare

Shraddha Tiwari talks about Affordable Healthcare. INTRODUCTION Healthcare etymologically means the maintenance and improvement of physical and mental health, especially through provisions of medical services. Affordable healthcare in simpler terms would be the accessibility of healthcare through reasonable pricing means. Providing affordable healthcare to all till date is a utopian idea, as one-third of the… Continue reading Affordable Healthcare

Law · Society

Right to Education

Shraddha Tiwari talks about Right to Education. INTRODUCTION Education as an entity in viewed essentially for all. It is fundamental to a nation’s all round development, material and spiritual.[1] This makes education a necessity for not only an individual but to a larger extent of positively contributing to nation-building. This is can be understood with… Continue reading Right to Education