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Bring Home the Message

Life is such that it gives our biggest lessons from those incidents and events that are either too remote to be realized or too tiring to be disliked. At least it happens to me and to all those students who have a hectic day at college and then a special lecture. This is human nature, when we are tired what we see is only rest, even if the biggest opportunity of our life is standing ahead.

This blog is basically the summary of one of those guest lectures’- unwilling to attend but informative when attentive.  This event was based on public affairs and the messages to be brought home were the glimpses of the answers to the questions asked and the silence heard.

The first question was based on government deficiency. So the need is to first go back to the background- the issue of common man. We keep on cursing the government for every wrong happening in the country, from corruption to the inefficiency of the government officials. But the other side of the story is unheard, hidden and even sometimes ignored.

We all agree to the fact that motivation is the key to our active participation; the question here is where is that motivation for the government employees? No rewards but punishment is the key to their disliked motivation. I know and agree that rewards do exists but for whom and how much is unknown. In the words of the speaker of the event, ‘Do we know the name of the driver, driving us day in and out on our home route?’ Sorry to say the answer was the silence heard. Here the message to bring home is “accept and amend”, accept the truth and the problems of others and likewise amend the perspective towards people and towards those problems.

The other question that caught the attention of many was the justification on use of bribe for the speedy work from the inefficient government offices. To that, the answer from my side is that nothing justifies corruption and moreover instead of rewards this is the motivation we give them which lacks in their life but to the negative context. And the answer from the speaker was the demand for patience. He further added that fortunately we all know that every department of the state and union government offices’ have an emergency application procedure and unfortunately we presume its level of efficiency.

So, firstly early application submission and then judicial use of procedures is the message to be brought home and the one to be thrown out is- stop using your money for your convenience making the lives of those who literally belong to your country miserable i.e. those people who carry with them the honest belongingness for their country.

 The entire lecture made me understand that with our home in the midst of problems, we need messages, messages from all to clean it up. So the first message is to accept those messages rather than running from them (which I was about to do before the start of the lecture). Secondly, we expect this huge ship to turn up in a second and that is not possible as it will take time as well as effort form the entire country as one for that to happen. So the second message is stop expecting and start working because that’s acceptable. In the end the biggest message would be not letting these messages be the only message but to be the foundation of our work plan for a better India.

As written in the book ‘Like the flowing river’ by Paulo Coelho:

Everything that is done in the present

affects the future in the form of consequences and

affects the past in the form of redemption.

Let these messages redeem the mistakes of our countrymen and result in positive consequences.

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UntitledDimple is a law student from Symbiosis Law School, Pune, who believes that hardwork always pays off as it adds perfection. A candid straightforward person, she writes poetry and loves the art of paper quilling & combines both for her close ones. Her mantra of life is “ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE”. The greatest influence in her life is her mother who taught her the most important lesson of her life, which is there is only one way of doing things- doing it right. She is currently working as the Research Associate with Alexis Centre for Public Policy and International Relations.

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