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Women Empowerment

Vaishali Rathi writes about the need for Women Empowerment in India. “A woman is the full circle. Within her is the power to create, nurture and transform.”                  — Diane Mariechild Delivering multiple roles effortlessly at the same time, no wonder, women are the backbone of the society. Adoring daughters, gentle mothers, proficient colleagues and an extensive… Continue reading Women Empowerment

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Plight Of LGBT In India- Struggle For Normalcy

Aishwarya Himanshu Singh talks about Section 377 IPC and LGBT Rights in India. Family is the most secure, the most trusted unit of society, and that we live within. An indispensable social institution to every being. Not only because it caters to all our primary needs, from birth till we stand on our feet but… Continue reading Plight Of LGBT In India- Struggle For Normalcy

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A Right Delayed is a Right Denied

Disha Mazumdar talks about LGBT Rights and Section 377 IPC. INTRODUCTION The words by Martin Luther King Jr. create a major impact on our legal system. India a country of diverse culture , different religion and their unique languages ,were equality before law is supreme, the rights of the LGBT(Lesbians,Gays,Bisexuals,Transgender ) community is buried somewhere… Continue reading A Right Delayed is a Right Denied

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The Good Samaritan Law: How It Came to Being

Life itself is a composition of various derivatives. It takes intense courage, awareness and knowledge for an individual to harness the problems that others happen to face. A law, indirectly related to this module is the “Samaritan Law”. Here are the requisite facts and individualistic viewpoints put forward, exclusively for our readers by Anyatama Nayak.

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The Unfortunate Youths of Kashmir

Youth is a wide concept that represents power, determination, enthusiasm, hard work, transformation, inventions, skills, desire and what not? For any nation’s and state’s development, these young people or adults can contribute to improve on the socio-political, socio-cultural, economic, agricultural and many other such factors which are required to be taken into consideration while deciding the… Continue reading The Unfortunate Youths of Kashmir

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Information & Communication Technology in Education

In this paper, Arti Agrahari presents a novel idea of how Information and Communication Technologies can be used in Education. ABSTRACT Education is a developmental factor for any country. Today, since technology is involved in every activity, technical education plays an important role in enhancing the quality of life, human resource development, etc. Information and… Continue reading Information & Communication Technology in Education