Hullabaloo in the Delhi Elections

From the hoardings on billboards, to the posters on auto rickshaws; from telephonic messages to radio broadcasts, the election campaigns in Delhi kicked off with great enthusiasm. There are talks about elections everywhere. Delhi winters have been subdued in the heat of the political scenario in the capital. Democracy is in the air. The growing political consciousness in the capital manifested itself in the highest voter turnout of 66%.

So why is it that these elections were any different?

People have been tired of the empty promises that are showered on them during election season. Tired of the same stagnation they shall be subjected to once the elections are won and lost. However, this year the situation has been different. The elections of 2013 have been termed as historic. Earlier this year, a highly spirited political movement for the desire for an anti-corruption law resulted in the formation of a political party. A party that was built on popular sentiment, the desire to bring about transparency and accountability in governance and has now captured an unprecedented number of votes during the elections. The Aam Admi Party (AAP) was able to strike a chord with the common man and secured 28 seats out of the 70 member assembly. This was perhaps because people had an alternative, a hope for some change that the city might see. But, how viable the alternative is, is a question that time shall answer.

Amidst all this, the fate of the of the Delhi’s Legislative assembly is uncertain. With 31 seats to the BJP and some 8 odd seats for the Congress, no party has been able to form a government.  In such a situation the majority party tries to lobby in seats to reach the requisite figure. However, the BJP and the AAP have both refused to take any responsibility in the matter. Due to a lack of a clear majority, both parties have expressed their reluctance to form a government. So what we have now is a hung assembly. Now the question that pops up, is whether the BJP and the AAP are shirking away from their responsibility to form a government? Is this the accountability we look for in our leaders? And will the city go back to the polls?

Vote we must and voted we have. So now let’s sit back and enjoy all the opposition.

About the Author

387143_10151039257962194_448483858_nShivani Misra is pursuing law from IP University, Delhi. She is deeply interested in human rights and education for children. This drove her to volunteer for Make a Difference, an NGO which works with under privileged children. She believes that a sensitized youth can eradicate any problem that the society faces. She is currently interning with Alexis Centre for Public Policy and International Relations.

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