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Importance of Samvaad

It was once stated by Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. that:

“Our very survival depends on our ability to stay awake, to adjust to new ideas, to remain vigilant and to face the challenge of change.”

In today’s scenario it is very important for the people of a country to put forward their thinking and ideologies and take an active part in affairs related to one’s country and its governance.

People include both youth as well as experienced individuals of the country. In a country like India it is very important for one to get a proper platform to express their ideas.

One such platform is SAMVAAD which will be organized by Model Governance Foundation from the 26th to 28th June, 2015 at New Delhi. SAMVAAD is a platform where distinguished luminaries from various fields will come together and share the stage with the leaders of tomorrow.

SAMVAAD play an important role in the current scenario in various ways through events organized by it such as presentations, discussions and debates on topics of concern. The theme for SAMVAAD, 2015 is “EK BHARAT, SHRESHTH BHARAT” and the topics of discussions will be

·       “Uniform Civil Code” covered under the Constitution of India and

·       “Misuse of Sexual Harassment Laws.”

 The events such as the above give a great exposure to the people who want to participate in the various affairs related with the country.

Such events also bring about collaboration of thinking of youth as well as the experienced people. The youth gets involved, so different other topics also get involved and discussions are done in interesting manner.

Youth are the architect of modern civilization. They never hesitate to demonstrate new things and ideas. Youths are always ready to face challenges and have only one gender that is they are youth. They are treated equally everywhere. They have to compete with themselves. They never take the advantage of being male or female. Thus their positive aspect is helpful for the development of the society and country.

 The educated youth can also find efficient ways in which the optimal utilization of the resources leading to sustainable development can be achieved. If the country becomes developed then only major problems of society could be solved in better manner.

 The views of today get involved and one can judge in a better manner what the country as a whole needs and thinks majorly. Through such events the ideas, powers and capabilities of the youth collaborates with the experience of the people who have excelled in different fields, thus giving a better and bigger picture of the whole issue under discussion.

The aspects such as social, political, legal, etc are discussed by persons of excellence in each field giving a better and larger view of the issue under discussion at such events. The ideas of older as well as youth can be jointly heard and taken into consideration giving an equal representation to the sectors of society.

The topics of today having great importance can be better judged and understood through such events. The topics such as juvenile justice, marital rape, capital punishment etc are hot topics of today which can be only dealt keeping in mind all the generations and their reactions over the same.

The events such as SAMVAAD where people come in face to face contact with each other give an opportunity to ask their queries, doubts and questions regarding the topic there and then with the person talking about the same, thus the calls of confusion are very limited. The topic can also be discussed in a better manner through a face to face interaction among the people than it would be over letters and modules where the true meanings of the words and sentiment of the person delivering the same would be difficult to interpret.

 Active participation that will take place through such events will be able to form a powerful ground for an understanding of efficient citizenship. For, such events are primarily those that bear the traces of how people wish to be governed in the context of preferences and expectations that have been voiced. Holding other events on issues that concern society will also help creation of an open (transparent) and accountable administration. The accomplishment of any such event is only possible if people with open, broader minds are included otherwise would create a lot of problem.

There should be more such events providing a platform to people for expressing their views and where discussions can be held with the educated, upcoming generation of leaders which would use knowledge of past and experience of today for development of India.

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Aayushi KapoorAayushi Kapoor is currently pursuing her 4th year in B.A.LLB from M.S. Ramaiah College of Law, Bangalore. Corporate Law has always been her field of special interest. She likes to travel and in her free hours she loves reading. Besides, she is passionate about photography. She has participated in various essay writing competitions. She has done internships from organisation like AALI (Association of Advocacy and Legal Initiatives) and various advocates. Presently, she is interning with the Model Governance Foundation.

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