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In A Parallel Universe

In this article, Mrinalini T Nathaniel takes us on her existential journey of self discovery through her college major, Psychology. 

Psychology in the literal sense of the word refers to the study/science of the mind. But to me, it’s more of a life philosophy, binding the mind-body-soul trio to equate to that one entity we all aspire to achieve. The subject is not merely contextual, to remain in books/texts formulated some years ago, now only to be mugged-up and puked for an academician gratification. If not to most, but people of the same liking as I, it’s our daily food, without which individuals like us could barely survive, let alone thrive.

It is essential to know that the very ethos of Psychology is based on the a man’s instinct which drives one to not just exist but live, this one life we are certain to have been granted with. I, as an honors student in the same, have learnt the existential idea, manifested in each one, only waiting to be revealed from under the covers for those who indeed choose to enliven it, to start living. Now I may sound very rhetorical in my approach, but it is merely experience alone which I needed, to see this thought and seep the context , deep within me, to my roots.

Psychology is one such discipline, which is a moral branch in itself. Although, it barely takes a spark to ignite that branch into a breach. But it is the quintessential learning, made all along the lifetime, to embark a personality as great or shallow like ourselves today. It stands firm and synonymous to some throw away terms like accommodation, differences, individuality, acceptance, righteousness. You not even require to be a Christian/Hindu/Muslim, any of these main categorical religious boundaries man has ‘obstructed’ to so called pave the path to holy godliness as all preach and profess exactly the same, though in different lingos, codes and presentation. It is only a matter of belief and faith, helping the hang to the religious thread alive, especially in a democracy like India, or rather Hindustan. It is that simple awakening and awareness that one requires to adjust, adapt and align to, to gain all the ethics and virtues one can possibly absorb and imbibe, at least in this life time.

Psychology here is the key to the lock, the solution to the puzzle, the answer to the problem. Look around, take in, take it all and do not blurt. Step in, step forward, a little closer to the ambiguous. Read, learn and understand that what is to you, may be the not, to the riddle of another. It is this understanding, right here which makes all the differences. Now we here, as to-be psychologists are not any less or for that matter, greater than you. But probably we have inculcated that eye, which most are blinded to, but for the visionary to see. All it takes is a little effort and a better comprehension to paint the idea of perception on the canvas of humanity, so grey yet demanding tint. The vista to prospection can be envisaged through rationality and practicality of the world so sane, with the people insane. A key hole to the magnanimous, larger than life ideal, a small change is all that can make the difference. The psychologist to a mind is a mirror to the spirit.

Carl Rogers rightly said, ‘The only person who is educated is the one who has learned how to learn and change.’

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