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Indian Education System: A Far cry from being satisfactory

 Rishab Chaudhary in this article talks about what according to him is an ideal education system for our country and what plagues the current system & how to overcome it.

There are two sides to the education system in my country;not so developed and Developed Education System. Both of them follow the same path but the latter one actually suffers from lack of societal and lifestyle development as compared to the former. This essay is about how the education system should be reformed so as to produce candidates that have over all development. Hence, that is only possible if we discuss the developed education system, which does not suffer from lack of any basic amenities rather the downfall of which is a direct result of the education policies and the framework, which has been in existence since decades.

Sometimes I simply cannot fathom the reason why an average high school student in India is constrained to feel blessed for being born in a family which did not marry him off as soon as he turned 16. Well you can’t actually blame the education ministers in India for the load the pupils are made to go through rather it is quite an ancestral practice.Hence, looking back to my high school self brings tears into my eyes, not because I miss my school days rather due to the sudden gush of sheer happiness that springs up in my heart. Really, passing that stage of my life has been my biggest struggle. Imagine being constrained to your education stage when you deep down can easily spot the weaknesses, which it suffers from.

An ideal education system for my country should be constructed around student development rather than student training. Both of the terms sound similar but they actually differ. Student development is concerned more with the actual nourishment of the pupil, which focuses on growth unlike student training where it is superfluously made sure that the pupil passes his class.

As a result of a variety of pressures, which an average high school goer is subjected to at home or at school, many kids end up falling in depression.Many of those who are not able to cope up with this end up committing suicide. The kids who commit suicide fall into a blank mentality, it can be described as a “no hope zone” where the child is crushed between the love for the parents due to which he/she wants to make them proud and the rising competition there is amongst high school students so as to secure a seat in a reputed college.No one is bothered whether the child wants to further step onto the platform and whether he could even survive that level of pressure. The focus is shifted from the child to his future.

The main problem behind such high percentages and cut offs in India is the rapidly rising rate of population. As a result of which the number of students appearing for the exam increases and due to limited available seats in decent colleges, the overall cut off increases. At last we also need valuable manpower for the development of nation, but we can’t force it upon our younger generation it has to be both taken and given.

A country should flourish in the education of its young minds rather than burden them under heavy and voluminous books, the focus should be more on overall development with special emphasis on growth. A properly crafted education system can have an immense impact on the National Development. Every parent wants to enroll their children in swanky private schools, whereas government schools are looked down upon. The government schools need to be at par with the private schools, with a well-learned faculty and a focus on English to be the medium. There should be strict laws and a fair and accountable regulation upon schools. Even the public examinations are also to be regulated with clear guidelines, giving every examiner fair time to correct every response without leaving any room for ambiguity. Instead of blindly imposing education to young minds, the system needs the students to think for themselves.

The education system in India has been indistinguishable since its inception and has constantly shown a heedless concern over the development of young minds. Now it is an age-old system waiting to be replaced with more subjectivity and rich learning.  I clearly envision a bright future for my country with young minds waiting to evolve and learn and serve this mother earth. Hence, the ideal education system of my country should focus more on education and be free from the ills of the current corroded framework.

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