It’s Your Country and This is Your Time!

Do you remember the days when you dreamt of changing the face of the nation? The time when you were a child and your essay on ‘if I become the prime minister’ would have contained a hundred solutions to the problems that plague the nation today. But as you grew up, somewhere you became dormant. Perhaps the society bogged you down or you lost trust in those who were in power. Little did you realize that you are yourself the central power!

Yes! You are the prime force which can bring the desired change in the country. You are the one who can eliminate all the evils from the society. And you don’t need to wield a sword like a gladiator to fight against these evils. For the most invincible weapon you need is already in your hands. It’s right in your fingers. And this is the time to unleash that power.

Elections are round the corner. Your single vote can go a long way in choosing a suitable representative of the citizens. Voting is not all about just an indelible mark on your fingernail. It’s more than that. It’s about handing over the reins of the nation in someone’s hand who can either take the chariot of our progress to peaks or even to valleys. A myriad of political parties are rallying to woo the voters like you. But it is your responsibility to read between the lines and crown that person who has the capacity to lead the nation in these crucial times of financial crisis. The reins are now in your hands till the election date. But soon they will be handed over to someone you choose, and that too for 5 years! The next big time for you would come not before 5 more years. So this is the right time to bring the change in the nation.

You are being given a golden chance to transform the nation, the way you had once dreamt of. So wake up, move out and vote! Remember the day you dreamed of bringing a revolution in the country and longed for the day you would be given a podium to do so! That day has arrived.

About the Author

130113-175943Arijit is an engineering student at University Institute of Engineering and Technology, Panjab University, Chandigarh. He is an avid content writer and is associated as a writer in the marketing department of AIESEC Chandigarh. He is also the Editor-in-chief at L@TEEN, the online newspaper module of Edurev. Moreover, he also takes keen interest in organizing activities at his institute. Being an executive member of the NGO Youth United, he has also worked as an organizing member of the event Smiling Future. He aims to be a social entrepreneur one day and work in cohesion with the people who want to be authors of a positive change in tomorrow’s world. Currently, he is working as the Associate, Planning for Alexis Centre for Public Policy and International Relations.

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