Know The Power You Wield


Man has always had an insatiable thirst for power. From breaking piles of bricks to engaging in wars, man has always had an admiration for the display of his power. But why do we hesitate to exercise the most indomitable power conferred on each one of us, when time calls for its use? Little do we realize the magnitude of this power we possess that has the potential to change the course of our country in the times to come!

We say that our nation needs a change. But we tend to forget to mention who has to bring that change? When asked, people would say it is those who are in power! Well, I would like to ask them, who exerts more power? Is it the ministers who have been chosen to the Parliament or is it us who have chosen them? It is unfortunate to observe that when we demand a transformation, most of us don’t realize that it is us at large who have to bring that transformation. If the nation has got submerged in an ocean of corruption, the ministers are not to be solely blamed. We equally share the guilt of crowning such men who eat up the nation like a termite.

And the power to redress this menace also lies in our hand. I really mean, in our ‘hand’. For our constitution has given us a right to eliminate such troublemakers with a slight flick of our fingers. You got it! I am talking about your voting rights. This is the unconquerable power conferred on each Indian citizen above 18 years of age. And this is the right time to exercise this power. Elections are around the corner. Each political party is gearing up for the grand event and is out in the public to woo the vote bank towards its side. Now, the buck stops at you. It is your responsibility to bring such individuals to power who are really motivated to implement the constructive renovation model in the nation which you have always dreamed of.

The ball is in your court now. And it is your duty to play it well. The time is giving you an invincible power to shape the future of the nation. If you don’t use your power well, you don’t stand in any position to lament over the plight of the nation. This is your time! The next would arrive not before 5 years. So go out, measure the parties on your judging scale and do vote!

Foresee the change! Bring the change! Above all, realize that you are the change!!

About the Author

130113-175943Arijit is an engineering student at University Institute of Engineering and Technology, Panjab University, Chandigarh. He is an avid content writer and is associated as a writer in the marketing department of AIESEC Chandigarh. He is also the Editor-in-chief at L@TEEN, the online newspaper module of Edurev. Moreover, he also takes keen interest in organizing activities at his institute. Being an executive member of the NGO Youth United, he has also worked as an organizing member of the event Smiling Future. He aims to be a social entrepreneur one day and work in cohesion with the people who want to be authors of a positive change in tomorrow’s world. Currently, he is working as the Associate, Planning for Alexis Centre for Public Policy and International Relations.

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