One Country, One Constitution, One Destiny

The Foundation of Freedom is Unity”  – Oliver Kemper

A country that thrives on its religious, communal, linguistic diversity. A country where the socio-economic dynamics change with every thousand miles you travel. A country where every state seems to be a nation in its own. We say we’re the largest functioning democracy in the world. But, how can we justify being a secular republic when one man is willing or rather thinks he has the right to harm another whose values, thoughts and religion may differ from him?

Leaders and reformers have devoted their lives to quash all boundaries and limitations set by our religions and caste systems to create a united, formidable nation. And the irony is that, today, we fight each other in the name of these very people. We vandalize properties and create law and order situations at the whims of people whose very motive is to incite us and divide us on the basis of caste and creed and feed on that communal ill-will.

A country divided from within, where people refuse to have tolerance towards others and their freedom of religion, no amount of economic growth, scientific progress and military might will help sustain and stabilize its position in the world politics. The destiny of every Indian, belonging to every caste or religion is tied to each other. In any internal battles, there are no winners, only one loser. India.

The strength, power and progress of our country depends on our collective effort. Till we are susceptible to religious violence and fall prey to age old divisive politics, we will remain vulnerable from the inside as well as outside. Enemies from within must be conquered to discourage enemies from the outside from trying to injure or attack us. A nation weak from within cannot protect and defend itself against an outside threat. Terrorism therefore, is so easily able to cripple us with their every blow. The power of unity must be recognized and employed. Our diversity must become our strength, not weakness.

For a better future, a stronger nation and effective security, the unity of every Indian, undivided and undeterred is essential.

“By union the smallest states thrive. By discord the greatest are destroyed.”  

About the Author

riddhimaRiddhima Sharma

A patriot and hopeful change maker, Riddhima is a believer in the power of women to change the world. She has studied Political Science with special reference to the feminist movement, feminist theory and the position of women in Indian politics. She is currently pursuing Law in the first year and hopes to specialize in women related laws and work with an organization in a related field. She enjoys public speaking and is not afraid to speak her mind. Sharma is a quick learner and is keen to gain new experiences especially in the areas of public policy, politics and strategy.

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  1. Good thoughts but in a diverse country like ours separated by many different religions, castes, socioeconomic realms, etc such things are bound to occur. However, I do agree that there should not be separate set of laws for citizens of same country.

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