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Police Reforms in India: Need and Solutions

Once again, the horrific incident of the brutal rape of a 5 year old is in news. But was even more horrifying was the way, our police handled the case. When the girl was missing, her parents went to the police station to file an FIR. But the police simply refused to do so. After 6 long hours of waiting in the police station, they finally registered a complaint. But what did they do after that ? The law says that once an FIR is registered, the police must go to the site of incidence and collect evidences and statement of witness/possible witnesses. Instead, our efficient Delhi Police, came back and said the door was locked. Are you kidding us ? If the door is locked, you won’t do anything ? They did not even care to ask the neighbours, and record their statements. Finally, when the girl was found, raped and brutally tortured, police told the parents to be glad that she survived. Has rape become such a common thing that the police does not even care to register an FIR, and if the victim does not succumb to death, it’s a victory for the victim ? But the story does not end here. Instead of catching the perpetrators of such an act, the police offered 2,000 rupees to the family, to forget about the incident and not involve Media and activists. The victim was admitted in a hospital which did not have adequate facilities to cater to her, so the activists reached the venue and demanded to shift her to a better hospital like AIIMS. And here, the police crossed all the limits and the ACP slapped a girl activist so tightly that her ear began to bleed.

After the Nirbhaya incident, amidst huge protest by the public, the government passed Strong(?) Anti-Rape Law. But did it serve the purpose. Clearly NOT. What we need now is a strong Reform in the Indian Police System. I am not saying, that it will stop rape. But a better police, who catches the perpetrators, does not blame the victim, acts swiftly, and ensures that justice is meted out, will definitely help in reducing the crime and better rehabilitation of the victim.

But what is the point of mere ranting on Blogs or Facebook ? Well what else can we do? The government does not care about peaceful protests and we cannot resort to violent measures. Putting a black dot as our Facebook profile will definitely not serve the purpose. But what we can do is we can push for reforms in the Indian Police System. Not just for the cases of women safety, but in general.

Here is a presentation that I had prepared on the problems currently persisting in the system and the reforms needed. And I think its time now, that we all push for stronger reforms in the Police System.

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NishankNishank Varshney

Nishank is a fourth year dual degree student, pursuing M.Sc. Mathematics and B.E. Electronics and Instrumentation at BITS Pilani. His interests lie in the area of Public Policy.

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  1. Excellent presentation!!!
    Everything posted over here seems to be accurate and as said a reformation is something which can change our current state and lead us and our society to the safe state.
    Lets unite and do it together……hope we will succeed one day (y)

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