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Samvaad, 2015: Poster Making Competition

The importance of political dialogue in our society has become paramount. At a time when the forces of globalization are at their peak, the recent times have also witnessed a rise in coercion and oppression by both state and non-state actors. As global citizens, constantly engaged in a socio-cultural exchange with like-minded communities, we are all implicated in today’s paradoxical situation. Samvaad, as a forum of international youth dialogue, seeks to provide a space to express the myriad voices and differences on the issues that affect us. And, what better way to do this than by powerful and moving visual communication?

It is, therefore, with pleasure that Model Governance Foundation, in partnership with For the Sake of Argument, invite all our friends to express their fresh perspectives on today’s burning global issues, by taking part in our POSTER-MAKING COMPETITION!

Poster themes:

Please select ONLY ONE of the following themes to prepare your original poster:

  • Political dialogue through global protests.
  • Youth and global social change.

Application details:

  • Last date: 15th March, 2015.
  • Mailing address:
  • In the mail, you must mention your name, contact number and e-mail address.
  • The subject line of the mail should be: “Samvaad Poster Making Competition, 2015”


  • Certificate of Participation will be issued to all participants.
  • Top three entries will be featured on the Samvaad website, Facebook and Twitter Pages.
  • Top three entries will also be published on the FSA website, Facebook and Twitter Pages.
  • Winners will be given a chance to work as Creative Associates for Samvaad, 2015!


Akanksha Arora, Convenor: +91 9929451140
Garima Sharma, Co-Convenor: +91 9990255202
Rahul Rautela, Co-Convenor: +91 8376085251

Official Website:
Official Facebook Page:
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