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Sanctity of Life?

Human life is sacred. One of the popular lies that the system has us lapping up. Pretty close to ‘God is omnipresent’, ‘Justice is blind’, ‘Customer is the king’, ‘Election is democratic’ and ‘You can’t escape the hands of the law’. What makes human life so sacred? What makes life so sacred? It certainly isn’t pure, or worshiped or revered. And even if it is sacred, why restrict it to human life? Who decided that the other forms of lives are anything but sacred? I mean, if anything, other animals should have this ‘sacred life’ immunity- they don’t lie, they don’t conspire, they don’t wage wars, they are not corrupt, jealousy and enviousness and anger and deceit don’t exist for them. What they do is pure and unharnessed force of nature. If life has to be ‘sacred’ it is that particular form of life.

So let’s cut the bullshit. Suicide is prohibited because apparently ‘human life is sacred’. The Law has us all believing that. While the reality is quite the opposite. The State invests in you from the day of your birth. Health, education, security, food, clothing and shelter. It is this investment that makes you a property of the State. In other words, this is what prohibits you from taking your own life. When the State invests so much in an individual, the individual’s right to destroy himself is taken away since it is nothing but a financial hit to the Government. This brings us to another line of argument. As Munzer implies by his concept of Body Rights, men have more rights over their furniture than over their own bodies. So when the State holds you criminally liable for attempting to take your own life, because as they say, you were trying to destroy something divine and sacred, accept the punishment but not the rationale. You are being punished for your attempt to destroy State property, something similar to burning a currency note. There is no individual freedom, all that is a myth. The concept of sanctity of life is farce. You breathe, you bleed and you perish. In that span of time, you get stakeholders to your very life. And the State protects these stakeholders, which in majority, is the State itself; and disguises it’s self-interest in the pretty and colorful garb of sanctity and divinity.

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rohan (2)Rohan Mukherjee

Rohan is currently an undergraduate at National Law University, Odisha with a keen interest in Intellectual Property Law, Economics and Anti-Trust Laws. He is serving as an Associate Director (Programs) at Model Governance Foundation. With a flair for writing short opinionated articles and poetry, he also dabbles at parliamentary debating. Musically inclined, also a drummer and percussionist.

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