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Secularism and Religion: The Indian Scenario

“The aspiration of those who amended the Constitution to call India a secular nation is a noble one. Secularism, as originally conceived, embodies basic principles that implement and nurture universal values. Thereby, it fosters a state that is harmonious and, in harmony with the Lord. However, one may know or is taught that the Lord and ethical behaviour are inextricable. The essence of such behaviour is captured in a single guideline that is found in all religions—the ethic of reciprocity. Popularly known as the golden rule, it mandates, “Do to others as you would want them to do to you.” This maxim that guided humans throughout history is traceable to ancient religious traditions all over the world. It is so pervasive because it is based on a special human endowment, empathy. Empathy is the capacity to sense the pain of another being and act appropriately. And the extent to which this empathy is honed is a mark of one’s evolution as a human being seeking harmony with the Lord.” These are the opening lines of the New Indian Express article, Need to Understand Secularism, which in its fullest opens the joint venture of religion with law in a new unexplored direction.

Our country has very significantly lived upto the expectation of both its leaders and legal system as there is no one religion in India that has won all the elections, there have been never a state or a district not even a village with simple majority of any one caste and religion, so the decisions in elections are the decisions of its citizens and not the preachers of a religion.

The basis of a secular India was the dream of a better India not the conflicts from the freedom provided or the restrictions made. The aim was never to nullify religion from the country but its application for a better future. Because all who made the law, who are making the law and whoever who will make the law knows that religion is much above communalism;

Religion is to thrive but not to destroy,

Religion is to educate and to apply,

Religion is for freedom than for bars,

Religion is the key and not the locks,

Religion is the soul that purifies all sins,

Religion is to bind and not to discriminate,

Religion is the peace that we all need,

Religion is the creator that teaches no destruction.

Religion is the water that soothes our soul,

Religion is the tree that keeps us safe in the rain of life,

Religion is the heart that makes us cry,

Religion is the teaching of the gurus,

Religion is the blessing from the elders,

Religion is worship,

Religion is innocence,

Religion is love,

Religion is sacrifice,

Religion is life,

Religion is the enlightment,

Religion is living.

The basis of every religion is the living, living a life for a lifetime, to its fullest, to its greatest and to the most righteous way possible. Religion is that law that was spread as trust than the modern day logic but both are made to fulfill the same purpose, the purpose of a happy life. Whether it is theft or fraud all are punishable under law and any religion possible. No religion taught us to destroy or kill or disrespect the other being but it has been our own will and tactics that amended the soul of it for our heinous motives. The same way law is interpreted and religion also became the toy of its users, not its preachers.

And secularism wanted to destroy the aim of such users in creating unrestness in the country but on the same place not ejecting the pious teaching of its religion. Thus India has its own secular state which  is more than secularism is the preservation of ethics and retention of peace.

Secularism is to secure and thrive,

To stop the destruction inside,

To brighten the future of the country,

Rather than demarcating it in ways of misery,

Secularism is to make the law effective,

To reach the goal and make a mark,

To unite against all odds,

To tighten the threads of our nation’s heart,

Secularism is everyone,

It’s me and you and even the sun,

That aims to shine and blossom the world,

That wants us to grow from the light it has.

 Secularism has been the part of India from our first independence day and will be the part till the end of world, with its sweet little flaws and benefits. To see the brighter side should now be the aim of all of us on the aspect of secularism in India but yes, with the requirement and demand of the necessary changes. So, now it is our duty to explore the fancies of secularism in India as any treasure is worst only if explored.

It should be both sides of the coin to be explored in the new trip of secularism, which will decide its happiness or sadness.

This new edge in the Indian mindset can only clear the long lived dust of myths and hatred that has been promoted by some of the users of religion, not less but often to take their revenge from one but on the name of the blood of all.

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