Solution to Confusion

Fasten your seat belts. We are in for a ride.

India is all set for general elections in 2014! Millions of Indians will cast their vote. There will be a number of candidates contesting for power. Millions of Indians will join hands together to design their present and future. The power to choose is vested in the people. Every vote will count. Our single vote will not only affect our life but also those of hundreds of fellow citizens.

The decision will not be an easy one.

Who is the best leader? Which hands will shape our future better? Questions are many. There are no pre-defined answers for these questions but certainly there is a solution to this confusion.

How do we make this decision? As said earlier, there is no off the rack answer but there are certain things which would help in deciding the right candidate:

1- A   list of contesting candidates is prepared by the Election Commission and is made available to the general public in their official website. . The list also includes other relevant details such as address of the candidate, Party affiliation and the symbol. A glance at the list and you are good to start your research.

2-The election Manifesto- The Election Manifesto is the Candidate’s promise to the people. It helps you analyse the proposed policies, intentions and motives of candidates and their political party.

3-Observing the candidates – Listening to their speeches and interviews, attending interactive sessions with them helps the voter to understand their views, perspectives, and vision.

4-Media – TV programmes and various articles in Print media provide a critical view of political parties and candidates. Remember Media may be subjective and not necessarily objective. A holistic image of a candidate can be drawn by referring to different reports on them in the media.

5-Know your candidate – Know the person to whom you are casting your precious vote. Every citizen is entitled to get a copy of the affidavit and nomination filed by the candidates free of cost from the returning officer. A copy of the affidavit filed by the candidates which consists of his/her criminal antecedents, assets and liabilities, of his/her spouse and dependents and his/her educational qualification.

6-Previous performance – The consistency of elected representatives in keeping up their promises can also be a decisive factor while re-electing them.

A wise decision does not fall from sky or grow on trees. An attempt and effort has to be made the perfect decision. Your time to do your part has come. Make an informed choice. All the best, amigos!

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IMG-20131222-WA0009Dhanya. T . Mallar is a first year law student in Symbiosis Law School. She strongly believes in “Be the change you want to see in the world.” She is enthusiastic about learning new languages.

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