Suicide Machine

I have woken up
To silence
Loud,murdering silence
Feels like I’ve slept for ages
Head refusing to budge
Yet dobtful about hitting the guilty pillow
No splash of inspiring water
Nor rejuvenating coffee
Can pierce my semi-consciousness
With hard hitting reality
My head simply buzzes
Refusing to light up and
Yesterday, wise heads sat together
To make this dream-Reality
Today wise heads lie beheaded
By this Reality
Mind-blowing intelligence
To literally blow minds
They promised it would blow our minds away
And it did.
Finding no reason to wake up
No incentive for a better future
Either I lie down for a momentary nap
Or step outside and
Sleep Forever.

About the Author


 Rohan Mukherjee

Ridiculously omnipresent | CEO & Founder of Grayscale Legal | Fellow at The Kairos Society | Percussionist | Doodler | Professional mocker


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