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Importance of Attending Conferences for an Engineer

Every journey has an end and it is actually the end which justifies the means. There has to be something endearing in the end to induce someone into doing something. As a student of engineering, a question may arise in a person’s mind as to why should they at all care about attending a conference,… Continue reading Importance of Attending Conferences for an Engineer

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Value of a Conference for a Law Student: Samvaad, 2015

First question which comes to our mind is who is a lawyer? A lawyer is one whose profession is to give legal advice and assistance to clients and represent them in court or in other legal matters. One of the essential elements of being a lawyer is that he should possess quality information and awareness… Continue reading Value of a Conference for a Law Student: Samvaad, 2015

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Importance of Dialogue: Samvaad

“Debate teaches you how to think outside of the box, and how to stand up for yourself without resorting to violence. It also improves your speaking skills, helps you get along with your friends better and you meet smart like-minded people like yourself. It builds leaders that will make these decisions.” -Takia Wicks India, that… Continue reading Importance of Dialogue: Samvaad

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Discuss to Discover, Discuss to Change

Let’s start with a question. Why do we need groups? Is an individual incapable enough of building and standing up alone for any goal achievement? How does an individual contribute in socio-economic terms to his/her country through group discussions? These are some questions answered here. Five things that are foreseen to be the basic reasons… Continue reading Discuss to Discover, Discuss to Change

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Sexual Harassment Laws: Double-Edged?

What is sexual harassment? In general terms, it can be defined as bullying or coercion which involves a sexual nature; the definition also includes the acts of unwelcome or inappropriate promises of rewarding the victim in exchange for sexual favours. In a country like India, while on one hand the general population suffers from the… Continue reading Sexual Harassment Laws: Double-Edged?