The Circus

Hello and Welcome

Please visit the season’s attraction

Fill your glass and snack up

Because the show will take some time

So hang your coat and take a deep breath

There is a lot that you have to see.

We have our clowns here

They keep smiling through their pain

Staring at the world

Tears of shades

Grinning at fate

Here is the dwarf

Looking up at everyone

People bowing their heads when talking

Jumping right up after being thrown around

And to find a net after every cannon shoot

And here we have our acrobats

They keep on swinging

Synchronized movements to avoid a fall

The juggler juggling fire and blades

Knows it’s only fatal if it hits

And the bikers in the cage

Roaring with rage

Know that to halt is to fall

To never give in to gravity

And the lion tamer with his whip

Lashing out at pretentious danger

Resting his life on a rope

Zero chance against those paws

Wait here, look up-

The tightrope walker knows where to step

Growing more cautious with altitude

The birds and dogs and elephants here

Dance to the tune of one man

And the unicyclist

Goes on riding one wheel

Here we have the man in the cannon

Burns his behind to shoot to fame;

So now that you have seen it all,

Step into the final room

The mimes act here

Speech-less expressions

Conveying what they know

Left to the audience to assume.

Here we have our best performer

Best of all the freaks

In this mirror you shall see

Wearing his mask and dancing to his ropes

For the audience of the world,

Only a blurry memory he will be.


About the Author


 Rohan Mukherjee

Ridiculously omnipresent | CEO & Founder of Grayscale Legal | Fellow at The Kairos Society | Percussionist | Doodler | Professional mocker

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