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The Law Day Oath

It was the occasion of law day and in a law school it is not less than a festival with formally dressed students and neatly dressed dignitaries, all assembled in an auditorium to discuss the value, importance and glory of this great area law.

I shall fearlessly expose wreckers of the Constitution and breakers of the law, refuse to lend them respectability or prestige, insist on vigorous and impartial enforcement of law against even the high and mighty and strive to promote justice- social, economic and political.

This was the last paragraph of a full length oath we pledged that day with a request of help to the almighty to succeed in the end. The oath consisted the word law more than I thought, to respect the law, to stand on the lines of the law and to let others do the same. But the question that should be asked is what is law? I know all the law students out there know it very well and can quote thousands of definitions from famous and successful authors. Here is the matter, law is not for only those who learn it or have taken it up as a profession or are related to it in any way, it encompasses almost everyone in its ambit, as every human, living in a society practices law from the time we are born till our death, from the time we wake up, till we sleep. Yes, we do all practice it every day and every moment. We respect the privacy of others- we practice law, we stop at traffic lights- we practice law, and when we stop doing it, it’s the violation of law. Law is like science, it’s everywhere and at all times.

But the question still remains the same, what is law?

That law day, sitting in the auditorium all I could think of, was that law is not the complexities of life but it is to solve those complexities. It should not be in the cogwheels of those who specialize in it but it should be treated as a dignified profession by its practitioners and by the citizens. Lawyers save lives if not directly then indirectly. So the answer is here what is law? This is law……….

Law is to excel, law is to protect,

Not to impose, not to enforce.

Law is to look up rather than

to look down with restrictions.

Law is to help than to prohibit.

Law is to lead, it is to explain,

Not to bind without a reason.

Law is to reason, to make logic.

But not those commonly accepted

The ones rightly arrived.

Law is to be different,

Different in application,

Different in interpretation,

but for us- the humans.

Law is to organize not to discipline.

Law is about justice not about winning.

Law is speaking

but not always through words.

Law is for us not for them.

Law is for all

It’s for you and it’s for me

and not the superior or the majority.

Law is made not brought,

 for us the commons,

by we the commons.

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UntitledDimple is a law student from Symbiosis Law School, Pune, who believes that hardwork always pays off as it adds perfection. A candid straightforward person, she writes poetry and loves the art of paper quilling & combines both for her close ones. Her mantra of life is “ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE”. The greatest influence in her life is her mother who taught her the most important lesson of her life, which is there is only one way of doing things- doing it right. She is currently working as the Research Associate with Alexis Centre for Public Policy and International Relations.

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