The Lone Victor


And the warriors poured in,

Raining blood

Slashing away to victory

For vengeance and for power


Not a breath they spared

Nor paused to introspect

This is how it works

The sharpest edge takes it all


And the enemies were cut

Headless bodies kicked

And there were none.

No flesh to be ripped,

No life to be snatched.


But the swords were still thirsty,

And spears still cold

So the victors looked around

Only their friends they could see


And inside them, opportunity

With fire in their eyes

The metal clanked again

With those who fought side by side

Lay curled up in a heap of dirt


And the lone Victor

Taking the throne

Looked around

He had the power for sure

But no one to use it on.


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rohanRohan Mukherjee

Ridiculously omnipresent | CEO & Founder of Grayscale Legal | Fellow at The Kairos Society | Percussionist | Doodler | Professional mocker


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