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In today’s world, technology has reached tremendous heights of glory. In the beginning people had difficulty in accepting the changes that technology brought with it but gradually people learnt more about it and started using it. One such child of technology is the internet. It has been a blessing for the human race. You just need to have a computer (now-a-days even mobile phones are enough) with the internet and you are connected to the whole world sitting at one place.

The scope of using the internet is huge. You can do almost anything over the net. When you think of internet or being online, one thing that comes straight to your mind is shopping. Sitting at one corner you can search all the brands, have a look at every store and then choose what best suits your needs. Not only that, the product will come directly at your doorstep. It is a win-win situation for you as well as the seller. The seller’s cost is cut down drastically as he does not have to manage a store or keep huge stocks with him. Now-a-days you can even sell your old, used things as some websites allow you to post free advertisements of your products. This has made the whole experience of shopping so much easier!

There is a lot of buzz all over, about the social networking sites. These sites help people to increase their social circles by meeting new people, at the same time, helping in keeping contact with the old ones. One can send messages, share photographs and videos on these sites. It helps you to know what’s going on in whose life. Though one should also know about its disadvantages and use it with limited scope. You can even video call and message people. It’s as good as meeting them in person. Then there are online forums for discussions, where one can put any query and can get answers from experts all over the world. Whether you have a doubt about your choice of career or you want to know a regional name of a vegetable, you can get the answers of such questions on all these forums. There are blogs as well, where one can write about any topic and post it or post other person’s written blogs on his website which is open for discussion.

The use of e-mails is also on the increase. With the introduction of multi-national companies, the e-mails have become an important means of communication. Most work of these MNCs is done through e-mails. They communicate and co-ordinate with the help of e-mails. The corporate world makes the most use of e-mails. 

Internet is the ocean of knowledge where one can get almost any information about any thing from history to geography to science to mathematics formulae to general knowledge and so on and so forth. You can find research papers, essays, projects which can be of great use for students for referring to them in need. Then there are tutorials or video lessons to learn from. 

One can learn a language or play an instrument or to cook any dish or even ideas to decorate your house by looking at its respective videos. For girls, they can learn how to drape a saree and boys, how to tie a tie. You can get a video tutorial for any silly thing. One can even watch their favorite serials online!

Again, imagine you have an exam and you are not sure where you stand, you have to do not more than giving an online test and testing your knowledge! These tests will immediately give you results which will help you to prepare accordingly. You can even take online tuition, wherein, your teacher is in some other part of the country or even world and you listen to and watch them on the computer. You can read any number of books over the net or you can even download them. You can watch movies or download songs as well. There are some online certificate courses which one can take up with their regular college classes. One has to just register online and they will send you the material. Study and then just give an online exam and you get a certificate. Can anything get easier than this? 

Earlier if one had to intern somewhere they had to be there in person but now one can even intern online (like me). Sitting in one city you can intern in another city or country. Internship is one thing, you can even work online and earn out of it. There are so many opportunities out there. A student or even a housewife can work online and contribute to the monthly income. One can even continue with his/her job simultaneously and work online.

Planning a trip is now not so difficult! You can book bus, train and air tickets over the internet without any problem. You can book rooms in hotels of your choice online. There are some websites which even plan your whole trip from conveyance, to your stay, to your food. You can get address of most places and direction to that place with the help of maps. You do not have to even put your location; they detect that on their own. If you are in a new city, the people there cannot fool you as you already know the shortest route to your destination. With the help of internet, everything has become so easy. Solutions to problems are just a few clicks away.

There are these many advantages of the internet but there are no doubt some drawbacks which should be kept at an arm’s length. There is still time when people will fully accept the use of internet. They are apprehensive due to security reasons as many people do not trust the safety of the internet. But with time, things will change and soon a lot more people will come online to take the full advantage of the rising market which will surely make their lives easier.

About the Author

sakshiSakshi is studying in ILS Law College, Pune. She currently finished her first year of the five-year law degree course. She has cleared the Company Secretary Foundation Examination. She aspires to become a well-known corporate lawyer. She likes to take part in extra-curricular activities as well in dancing, painting, or acting in plays. It’s her firm belief that working as a team is as important as working individually. She has earlier interned under Adv. Anil Kilor of High Court of Bombay-Nagpur Bench. She was also associated with an NGO called Janmanch. She has been a part of the Organizing Committee of the Justice Tarkunde National Parliamentary Debate competition, 2014. She is currently pursuing her internship with Alexis Centre for Public Policy and International Relations.

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