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The Unfortunate Youths of Kashmir

Youth is a wide concept that represents power, determination, enthusiasm, hard work, transformation, inventions, skills, desire and what not? For any nation’s and state’s development, these young people or adults can contribute to improve on the socio-political, socio-cultural, economic, agricultural and many other such factors which are required to be taken into consideration while deciding the future of the nation-state. Especially when these sprouts are well budded. Meaning, youngsters are educated up to snuff to differentiate between the last resort and the cream of the crop but while talking about adolescents in Kashmir, gives goose bumps to everyone and a bunch of questions.

What exactly is happening in Kashmir? Why the rate of literacy in Kashmir is very low and how it is affecting their future? In short, the conflict is over claimed parts of Kashmir by Pakistan and China including their administration, illegally captured part of POK (Pakistan occupied Kashmir) by Pakistan, deadly sufferings of folks in Kashmir, never ending curfew, victims of pellet gun, helping Indian Army & CRPF militants and more than that. The crux of the matter is frustrated unemployed youths in Kashmir. These adolescents are being used and manipulated by terrorists in the name of Azad Jinaah even to attack these army militants with stones and that too by using children and women as a shield. Most of the times, their impact on these people is so intense that haters of India are born out of it. The nation that is actually serving them is also getting affected due to these illogical, inhuman and heinous acts.

The schools in Kashmir have more holidays than academic sessions. On the other hand, many teachers are trying to provide education to as many children as possible wherever they can get a place to conduct these classes. These knowledge seekers travel long distances to attend these sessions; sometimes together in a group through lanes and by-lanes they walk to the destination avoiding police and militants because they don’t want their young once to become another Burhaan Wani to get involved in terrorism. Whereas many youngsters moved out of Kashmir region for higher studies and mostly for survival. Neither the state government nor the parents of the children are taking it seriously as children’s safety comes in danger. Hence youth gets attracted towards the terror world which is horrible. It is really terrible to even think about the situation going on there but whenever the environment in Kashmir calms down, people live normal life including schools and tourism business. Even Jammu & Kashmir CM Mehboob Mufti says, “The moment a ‘Gun or terrorism’ enters in any state, the freedom vanishes.” Giving examples of Syria and Pakistan and their disgusting situations to show the citizens of Kashmir how it would be a worst option to take a gun in hand rather than a book.

It is really strangely humiliating how separatist and terrorists are forcing people to convert into Islam religion and be a part of their troop to get so-called ‘Azadi’. Many citizens don’t even agree with such a nonsense but become a victim to their maliciously cruel behaviour. Many children from Pakistan itself show their interest to move to India but are dealing with citizenship issues, financial crises, etc.

Recently usage of the pellet gun in Kashmir region by militants became a famous news. As many youngsters were hit by these guns on several parts of their bodies and hence claimed to stop these guns. Which is why one officer from CRPF was suspended for using these guns even after it’s banned. Many youngsters lost their eyesight and many were admitted for quite a long time. The attackers use these kids to protect themselves by pushing them towards militants and many times even females. However, it was recently researched that people staying in ‘Gurej valley’ in Kashmir (Which very much near to Pakistan Occupied Kashmir) are really thankful to India and Border Security Forces (BSF) for being with them to protect them and ensure their security, health issues and other ordinary necessities. Isn’t it obvious that some outsider is involved in these attacks and trying to divide Kashmir from remaining India?

Not only people from Kashmir but from Pakistan-Occupied-Area (Balochistan, Gilgit- Baltistan) protest against Pakistan and their government. Why? Well, Kashmiri being in favour of India can be understood but what happened to people in POK region. Where even Indian PM Modi never put a step but people over there thanked him, that too with proud for supporting Balochistan. This proves that even they are being treated in an inhuman way. The point is no one is supposed to be treated in a devilish way. Of course, even youth takes steps to save themselves and their loved ones from terrorists. In such situations Overall in Kashmir and near areas, how could these youngsters concentrate on their academics? They can’t even live like an ordinary child. The whole issue starts from Wars and partition. How long will it take? Even though Indian government, BSF and other militants are working day and night. Definitely, one day will soon come where there will be no threat to Kashmir and hope for the best futures of youths in whole Jammu and Kashmir.

By: Shwetal Jogdand

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