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Voicing Out: Not an option for Actresses?

Let me begin with a prevailing analogy on actresses. An actress/model poses in bikinis for a photo shoot and gets intimate with her costars in her films. Therefore she isn’t entitled to any rights to her body and how the media uses it. So if she decides to condemn how a media house uses her images for sensationalist news and says so out loud, she’s a hypocrite and an “attention whore”.



I’m sorry, did it upset you that an actress wants to assert her right to her own body for other reasons than publicity? The woman is at the top of her career! And even if she wasn’t, her body and her career is her business alone and not for the media to use for cheap titillation. Like it wasn’t enough that she was being used as a human diagram for pointing out “body parts one must conceal” on the front page of a leading tabloid, the paper actually decided to defend themselves on this.

And this defense is anything but intelligent for a newspaper claiming to be one of the “largest media houses in the world”.   

First of all they thought titling the article “Was Deepika’s hypocrisy for publicity?” a good idea, because let’s blame it on the woman who’s body we used to up the hits on our paper’s website.

Secondly, they ask a really brilliant question,

“We believe there’s no shame in Deepika showing off her body, but does she now want us to first check with her as to which pictures of her — taken at public events — we can or cannot publish?” 

I don’t think she’s going to want to respond to this but let me say what so many of us would have in her position. YES! Yes you must keep the person’s rights and views in mind before you go ahead and dehumanize them in such a way. The last time I checked, even an actress has the right to her body, they don’t give these rights up when they enter this profession. Oh and did I mention she can sue your paper for all you’re worth if you piss her off? That’s right!

“Deepika, just for the record, we do not zoom into a woman’s vagina or show her nipples. As a newspaper we take every care to ensure that we pixelate them if they show up in a picture, but your cleavage is as sexy as Shah Rukh Khan’s ‘8-pack’ abs.”

Of course you don’t show their nipples or crotch, that would be unethical. But let’s just neatly circle and point out your breasts because that’s like a free anatomy lesson and not insulting or cheap at all.

And i’m not even going to comment on the personal attack on her modelling choices for a liquor brand and what not that TOI believes to be immoral and somehow justifies their stand by characterizing her as a “loose woman” for want of better words.

The final, most degrading part of this whole thing is a line that so many of us can relate to because we’ve been told the same thing by people for being harassed on the streets, being groped and ogled at in public places.

Just for future reference, “OMG: Deepika’s Cleavage Show” is not anyone’s idea of a compliment.

Congratulations TOI, for being the best at the worst.  Justifying your publishing choices with personal digs at the woman you’re using for your whims  is going to cost you a tad bit more than you imagine.


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