What the Future Holds

After a deadlock of over 2 weeks since the result of the Delhi polls came out on 8th December, finally the government is being formed with the Aam Aadmi Party at the helm, taking the support of Congress, whom it crushed in its debut polls. With 28 seats out of 70 with AAP and 8 with the Congress, the government can be formed, even if its stability and effectiveness in carrying out its promises is highly debatable.

 After the results of the polls were out, AAP had ruled out taking support of any political party to form the government, saying it will play the role of a “constructive opposition”. The BJP, which had the majority with 31 seats, could not form the government as it was unable to procure the support of AAP. The debutante party was then under pressure to form government after Congress wrote to Delhi Lt. Governor about giving unconditional support to AAP to form the government. Over the next week, the party procured response of the ‘aam aadmi’ via phone calls, SMS and by holding public meetings which lead to the decision of forming the government as it was favoured by majority of the common masses and finally resulted in a meeting of party leader Arvind Kejriwal with Delhi lieutenant Governor Najeeb Jung, expressing his willingness to form a government.

For all AAP enthusiasts, it is a proud moment, as a party which came into form on November 26, 2012 in retaliation to the corruption of the Congress Party, sweeped 28 out of 70 seats in 2013 elections and is now forming the Government in the National Capital, but then there are sceptics who, legitimately, have a reason for not declaring the situation all good and rosy. The very first being that AAP, which had vehemently denied the scenario of collaboration with either BJP or Congress, is joining hands with Congress. Whereas some would see it as necessity and declare it people’s demand, it won’t be wrong on other’s part to feel like the ‘politics’ of AAP has finally begun. There is then of course the task of providing free water within 24 hrs to the people of Delhi, reducing the cost of electricity by exposing the scam between the previous government and private corporations but the biggest concern being that of proving majority within a week of forming Government and of course, passing the Jan Lokpal Bill. Congress, a veteran in slippery politics, has already said that it won’t support AAP ‘blindly’, days after giving them their unconditional support. Even though the party members of AAP are prepared that Congress could pull the rug any moment, yet it does not seem a very happy proposition for the common masses, does it?

Arvind Kejriwal, the man who is set to become the youngest (at the age of 45) and perhaps will be one of the most talked about Chief Ministers of Delhi ( not for the promises which AAP still has to deliver but because of the movement which gave birth to AAP) has been sworn in at the Ramlila ground. Needless to say, this is a momentous event in Indian politics where a new party has given people another alternative aside from scam ridden and religion-politics playing parties of our nation. The question however is, will they be able to deliver or will they also become lost in the catacombs of dirty politics of our country? AAP has a lot to deliver, as the people have put a lot of faith in them, for the first time, the masses have shown a discontentment over not having any other option except the two big parties, by going all out in favour of AAP. The leaders of AAP have a huge responsibility as not even one mistake of theirs would be forgiven let alone forgotten, for that is the burden which reformers have to carry. Let us now wait, hoping for the best, and see what the future holds for Indian Politics.

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sonakshiSonakshi Faujdar

Sonakshi is a first year law student at Symbiosis Law School, Pune. She completed  her schooling from CJM Convent St. Anthony’s Junior College, Agra, where she was  the Head Girl of the student council. Her interests include reading, writing and  debating and she enjoys good music, appreciates humour, thrives on sarcasm and  generally annoys the hell out of her friends (that last bit is unintentional, well most  times anyway). Currently, she is experiencing and surviving through the first year  of law school and is extremely excited about the opportunity to share her views on the platform provided by the Alexis Foundation.

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