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Why India is Still Underdeveloped?

Next time  you visit a village in India and find no electricity than don’t get shocked. More than 34,875 villages in India are unelectrified (no electricity). Presently there are only few States in India  where all villages are electrified i.e Andhra Pradesh, Delhi, Goa, Haryana , Kerala, Punjab. Also the maximum number of unelectrified villages in India is from states of Uttar Pradesh (10856) followed by Orissa (10029). This situation shows that why we are underdeveloped   country.  Also those who feel that Nuclear power plants should not be established in India must learn about this fact that Gross Energy Generation  from Nulcear plants is 27.450  (in Billion Units) which counts for third major source of Electricity generation after Thermal (631.436 Billion Units ) and Hydro (99.071).      

India also import from Bhutan 4.710 Billion Units of Electricity. The total gross energy generation from all sources i.e. hydel, thermal, Bhutan import and Nuclear counts for 762.667 Billion Units in 2012-13. In year 2011-12 the total gross generation of electricity was 876886.53 Billion Units. A all time high as compared to 2009 & 2010.

As per planning commission, the capacity addition of 88,537 MW has been planned from conventional sources for the 12th five year plan on an all India basis. With the capacity addition the demand for power on all India basis is likely to be met by the terminal year of 12th plan (2016-17). By this year likely all places  in India will have electricity.

The requirement of electricity in Northern Region is 255,314(MU) and the availability is 231,141(MU). Similarly in Western region the requirement is 245,138 (MU) and the availability is 236,138. In Southern region requirement is 232,579(MU) and avaialbilty is 197,285 (MU). Also the requirement of electricity in Eastern region is 90,306 (MU) and the availability is 86,104(MU). In north eastern region the requirement is 9,800(MU) and the availability is 9,092(MU) . It means that total requirement of electricity in India is 833, 230 (MU) and the availability is 759, 849 (MU).

In India Maharashtra gets highest amount of electricity i.e. 100,539(MU) and Delhi gets 1434 (MU) of electricity that is actually required.

From the above facts it is clear that though India is shinning. Bharat is somewhere ignored. If we have to actually rise on the world map we have to take also Bharat and work for its upliftment and for that we have to actually provide electricity to every nook and corner of India, only than the Dream of our forefathers will come true.

The Dream for a Developed India!

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