World Law Dialogue

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World Law Dialogue

A global platform for young people from around the world to come together and debate on issues of prime concern facing the world. The first edition of dialogue will take place from 29th – 31st August, 2013 at Dharwad, India. Organized by Alexis Centre for Study and Research in Law at Karnatak University’s Sir Siddappa Kambali Law College, Dharwad.

The dialogue will have 100 Delegates from around the world who will be divided into 5 Working Groups to engage in 3 Days of Intense Discussions and Legislation Drafting. Focus Areas of the Working Groups are Education, Healthcare, Information Technology, International Relations and Women Empowerment.

The dialogue will have both Formal and Informal Events. Formal Events include Keynote Presentations, Participant Presentations, Panel Discussions, Focus Group Sessions and Action Group Meetings. Informal Events include Global Village, Cultural Night, Fashion Show, Dance and Musical Performances.


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