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8th of December, 2013 was indeed a momentous day for our country. For Delhi, in specific. (I mention only the Delhi poll results here) The common man’s party, Aam Aadmi Party made history, a debut party winning as many as 28 seats, more than the party that had been winning for 3 terms now! The Bharatiya Janata Party won 31 seats, and Congress won 8. Delhi has 70 constituencies.

According to an online journal, the election results have triggered a reaction in traders, investors and the business community in general, which has manifested itself like this:

“Indian stock markets rallied to a record and the rupee appreciated to a 4-month high against the dollar.”

“The benchmark S&P BSE Sensex and the broader index Nifty on the National Stock Exchange rose to record highs.”

Moreover, I heard from some middle class Indian families that even the vegetable prices have gone down!

What more can the average Indian want from an election?

We all want quick results. No wonder most people from 3 generations back call us the fast-food generation! Internet speed, nothing less than 15 mbps: no arguments. Pizza in 30 minutes, please. No, cannot wait for the guy in the call centre to help me. No, I will just eject the pen drive without using the safely remove hardware option. Our impatience shows in the way we use the basic amenities we are provided with! Need I really elaborate?

The question is this: Do we have the same attitude towards our election results too?

We want immediate effects. We want the rupee value to appreciate in one night. We want the vegetable prices to crash, ASAP. We want stock markets to hit record highs. We want corruption abolished in a week. We want a “clean” country in a month. No, we can’t wait.

What more to prove this, than the answers I received when I asked some people if they are looking forward to the re-elections in Delhi, and what the results will be. They said they didn’t know of the possibility of re-elections. These results’ positive effects are good enough for them.

While I do sometimes question if this effect will last long, neither my political views nor musings are the subject of discussion.

This article is to briefly tell you what really is the situation now and what might follow.

Delhi has 70 constituencies. A party needs more than half the seats to form the government. So it needs 35. With 31 seats to its credit, the Bharatiya Janata Party’s leader will meet the Lt. Governor of Delhi to explore the possibility of formation of a government even if they don’t reach the halfway mark. The situation now is that of a ‘hung parliament’. With all the major ‘seat-winning’ parties announcing that they will not forge post-poll alliances, in all likelihood there might be a re-election. There will be President’s rule in Delhi till such a time as the election is conducted, which has to be done within 6 months. Under the President’s rule, the Lieutenant Governor becomes the executive head of the government. He also has the power to appoint a group of advisors to act as his team of ministers.
At the same time, the Assembly is open to those political parties willing to form a coalition.

So, India, looking forward to what could possibly be a long wait?

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IMAG1016Aishwariya is an idealistic Law student from Symbiosis Law School, Pune. She believes that a difference can be made by working at the grass root level. She enjoys painting, writing and reading. Her sincerest belief is that India still has hope.

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