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Harmony means internal calm or interweaving of different accounts into a single narrative for the purpose of showing agreements. It suggests that peace is the foundation of happiness. God has created everything in the world but people don’t understand this. God is one but people give different names like Allah, Bhagwan, God, Wahe-Guru etc. and start quarrelling amongst themselves. The result is – complete loss of harmony.

In the first half of the 20th Century, there have been two major wars. The First World War in 1914 and The Second World War in 1938. These wars occurred because people did not understand the meaning of harmony in real sense and fought against each other. The two wars brought large scale destruction and misery. People learnt the hard way that the best way is to follow the policy of peaceful coexistence and live in harmony which is eternal and everlasting. Nowadays, the greatest fear that humankind is facing are the devices of self destruction. This dreadful philosophy can’t be overlooked in the race for power and unhindered growth of nuclear weapons. Press of a button in the wave of discontent may result in the destruction of an entire nation. Chemical and Biological weapons may cause thousands to perish without a cry.

The time has come when we need to make a world order full of understanding and compassion, devoid of violence and hatred. For that we need to make the public opinion that humanity is safe only and only when we develop tolerance and resolve our differences through dialogues and other democratic means. In relation to people my cherished dream is: “Sarve bhavanti sukhinah sarve bhavantu niramayah, Mabhadrani pashyantu makashchid dukhahag bhavet.” (May all people be happy, all people be free of botheration; let us not contemplate ill will for anybody, no body should experience sorrow.)

In ancient times, the greatest minds which have controlled and changed the destinies of nations and societies have been those of Krishna, Buddha and Jesus. The name of Mahatma Gandhi can be counted in the same line in modern times. All four have been unique in the way that they never raised single weapon. It was the power of the spirituality with which they faced the whole world and transformed the societies to follow the path of Dharma- the virtues.

We need to develop a sense of openness and respect for others views. We had the openness of views even in ancient times. Following shloka gives the gist of that philosophy: “Ayam nijah paroveti garna laghuchetsam, Udar charitanam tu vasudhaiv kutumbkam.” This shloka suggests that only Narrow-minded people count that this is mine or of others. Broad-minded people consider the whole world as their family.

I have decided to live in harmony with my environment and society. May the sky be peaceful. May the atmosphere be peaceful. May the earth be peaceful May the water be peaceful. May the plants be peaceful. May all the objects be peaceful. May that peace come unto me. But the above concept of Harmony is only possible when we are sensitive towards others feelings. All the problems exist because we have not developed enough sensitivity/empathy to live in harmony with different people having diverse set of values, living styles, language, religion etc.

Here, I strongly feel: Harmony is liked by all. Then why is this religious wall? Hindu, Muslims, Sikhs, Christians – all are children of one god. Harmony is today’s need, We have to develop this through our deeds. If all people learn to live in harmony, All wars in this world will then cease. The world has become a small village. Physical and geographical boundaries don’t matter but we need remove our mental barriers also. We need to meet, communicate, understand each others’ needs and aspirations and above all respect each others’ point of views within overall system of social norms.

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