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Why is everyone running behind money?

Money. What is money? Is it something with which you can buy almost anything? Or is it just a piece of paper? Or is it a medium with which you can fulfill your basic needs? Is it something with which you get happiness?

Yes, you definitely get happiness out of money but do you feel content? I guess no. But I am sure money gives happiness. You can buy anything with it; any luxury, any physical, and materialistic thing. But is it something that will last forever?

There is absolutely no limit how much one can spent on anything. Like if you want to build a house then you can spend any amount of money on it. You can build a proper house in a few lakhs or you can spend many crores on it. The costliest house in the world right now is the ‘Antilia’. It is approximately of 6,000 crores rupees owned by Mr. Mukesh Ambani. This is a true example of the unlimited amount of money which can be spent. But don’t you think that living in a small house is more appealing than living in this kind of luxury? How often each member of the family will meet each other in a 27-storey building? And I am sure that the whole family barely sits together. But if you compare it with a small house, even if they don’t sit together, they will surely cross each other at some point of time. Here, the family has no option but to see each other regularly, sit on one dining table. There lacks personal contact among the family members. This is the difference between a ‘house’ and a ‘home’.

Why do you earn money? According to me one earns to live properly and to fulfill all the basic needs of life. Then why is everyone running behind it? Money is a source of happiness but you don’t get happiness only out of money. Some movies are also made on this topic. The one which I remember and love is ‘zindagi na milegi dobara’. This movie has a part in which it is beautifully shown that money cannot give you satisfaction and joy.

In today’s world, any amount of money is not enough because you can spend all of that in one go. You will have thousands, lakhs, crores, billions and much more and still it won’t be enough. Everyone wants more and more. You can spend on costly cars, jewellery, private jets, holiday tours, clothes, footwear, paintings, electronics, cosmetics, etc. You won’t believe me but you can even buy 50 pieces of ice cubes which are worth 2,000 rupees. It is one of the most expensive things in the world.

This run for earning more and more money is making people blind. The more one earns, the more one gets greedy. People forget blood relations to just to become rich. Many kill their kins to get the property in their name. Where will all this lead us? If brothers can take each others lives just for the sake of money then I am ashamed of living in this cruel society.

Someone has wisely said, ‘Too much of anything is not good’. Similar goes for money. Too much money makes people insane. Money can buy people, money can even buy morals.

I don’t think money can give all the happiness in the world. It surely gives some happiness but there are some things money can’t buy. They are felt. You cannot buy love, time, family, friends, relationships, satisfaction, smile, and many more things. These are the things which give real happiness and satisfaction.

Your parents won’t be that happy if you give them the best of things in life. What they really want is your time and care. The same goes with your children. I have myself seen the difference between a working lady’s child and a housewife’s child. Some kids do not feel loved. Why? Because their parents are busy in their own lives. They cannot give their children the time they need. Only a mother can teach her children to become a good person, not a nanny.

Yes, I do believe that money is important in one’s life but it is to fulfill the basic needs of life. There are people who can’t afford even one meal in a day. Think how they survive without money. But this does not mean they are not happy. They are happy with what they have.

All in all, I agree money consists of a big part in our happiness now-a-days, but one must not forget that it is not everything with which one can get happiness. I think happiness is something much more than money.

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sakshiSakshi is studying in ILS Law College, Pune. She currently finished her first year of the five-year law degree course. She has cleared the Company Secretary Foundation Examination. She aspires to become a well-known corporate lawyer. She likes to take part in extra-curricular activities as well in dancing, painting, or acting in plays. It’s her firm belief that working as a team is as important as working individually. She has earlier interned under Adv. Anil Kilor of High Court of Bombay-Nagpur Bench. She was also associated with an NGO called Janmanch. She has been a part of the Organizing Committee of the Justice Tarkunde National Parliamentary Debate competition, 2014. She is currently pursuing her internship with Alexis Centre for Public Policy and International Relations.

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